My Skate revival !

I don’t know why but I felt compelled to get back into skateboarding. I used to love skateboarding when I was 10 – 13 but then I got into other things such as skimboarding and surfing and spent my time doing those things instead. I have skated a bit over the last few summers but only a hand full of times each year. So anyway, I bought a powell skateboard (sister company of brigade) as I like to be loyal to companies that I like 🙂 My Brigade skateboard I got was for my 12th birthday present but I was allowed it a few months early as I managed to convince my parents 🙂 hehe, so it was definitely time for a new one as I am coming up to my 24th birthday now. My new set up consists of: Powell deck, Tensor trucks, Cliche wheels and stead fast bearings. I choose all the stuff individually as I find it kind of fun but it did take me 2 days to make up my mind on what stuff I wanted! 


Anyway, it feels good to skate again even though I can only do basic tricks at the moment. The surf has gone flat and I haven’t surfed since Portugal so skating is the next best thing to do 🙂 I feel like 11 again, 180 ollie-ing off curbs and trying to learn how to kickflip properly again, haha ! 



I also like the fact my wheels are called ” Poison Frogs ” 




Ok, So I will prob hit up Tescos car park in Durrington until I go to the skatepark or until we get some surf again, hahaaa! :p




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