Hey River

Hey River

Hey everyone check out Hey River. (My good friends Rob Bateman and Nate Lewis, who I used to be in a band with) I went to outhouse studios in reading back in March with them to record the Drums for this EP which was good fun! If you like the EP preview, go onto Itunes and buy the whole thing!

I thought the recording process would be more relaxed than what I had done before as there wasn’t so much to add as HeyRiver is more acoustic with less guitar and simpler drum parts than when I was in my old band (Last Letter Read).  The Drums ended up sounding pretty sweet as they always do when we record at outhouse studios but I felt like I wanted more time to add more effects and add more percussion. The Toms actually sound so deep it’s the sort of sound you would expect in a metal band but it still sounds good with this acoustic project 🙂 We did 3 days for 3 songs but could have done with two days on each song. There is so much stuff to do but I guess you don’t realize when you know you have 3 days. That is why big bands take like a week to record a song sometimes. James who produced the EP was a great laugh too, whenever he liked something he would do that chavy thing where you click your fingers together and would say something funny like “boomtings” haha, it took me back to my days at durrington high school.

Nate and Rob also put a lot of thought into the lyrics which I like. One of my favourite lines of lyrics is ” Beat OCD so I will sleep at night, trust that I do something right ” I can relate to that, so it felt good to be recording songs with a lot of meaning behind them, it was also great to record with old friends and go back to outhouse studios where we went many times before.


Check out HeyRiver if you are into acoustic songs with heavy metal sounding toms, hahaaaa!


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